Reference Sites

Word Tools (Language tools - dictionaries, thesaurus, as well as language translators)

Word Central (Contains a variety of word activities as well as a dictionary)

Alpha Dictionary (many languages)


News Links (newspapers around the world)


Encyclopedia Britannica



Internet Public Library

Reference Desk (US and International Materials)

Fact Monster

A Few Recommended Search Engines and Directories

Ask Jeeves Kids(ask a question!)

CyberSleuth Kids

Tek Mom

Kids Click

The Librarian's Index to the Internet

AOL at School

Web Sites with Large Collections or Hotlists

Awesome Library (its awesome!)

EduHound (From T.H.E., contains a search engine, information and clip art)

Technology Student (Many resources for MYP design/technology classes)

How Stuff Works (Don't go to the sponsored sites! Scroll down below these - excellent site)

How Things are Made

PECentral (health and PE)


ESL (from Japan, a great deal of information as well as many activities for students)


Artsedge (activities and helps for educators to teach about the arts in all subject areas)

Arts site

Music Hall (from Copernicus, a good jump off for music resources and information)

Essentials of Music (classical)

Art History Links